Training & Outreach

​The Training and Outreach team focuses on working closely with Navajo Nation tribal programs and Navajo Area Indian Health Services (IHS) throughout all eight service units of the Navajo Nation to integrate community health workers into health care delivery services and expand access to chronic disease outreach through monthly health educations which are led by IHS and 638 lead trainers.  Although COPE does not provide direct services to patients, we closely collaborate with more than 70 community health works, 12 health facilities and hundreds of health providers.


The Training and Outreach Program focuses on adapting and/or developing locally-informed training and patient outreach materials, training of community health workers, and better health care delivery through stronger coordination between clinical and community outreach teams and interprofessional collaboration.


COPE also facilitates trainings on Motivational Interviewing, which includes behavior change and goal setting; and Community Health Representative (CHR) Supervisor training which helps capitalize leadership and team building in order to achieve quality improvement.


COPE has been a strong advocate to ensure that the Navajo CHR/Outreach Program implementation of the referral process through the use of an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system is established. We recognize that the Public Health Nurse and CHR Collaboration within the EHR is very beneficial to the participating patients.


The training and outreach team is also currently working with New Mexico Department Of Health to get all Navajo Nation CHRs certified as New Mexico Community Health Workers.

An estimated


hours of training over


locations across the Navajo Nation

...taught by


doctors, local trainers, or COPE staff



topics, including childhood obesity, congestive heart failure, diabetes in pregnancy, men's and women's health, and wellness.

We are so proud to continue out training programs with the Community Health Representative workforce.
Since 2010, we have been working with providers and local trainers to deliver standardized, high-quality training
to Community Health Representatives throughout the Navajo Nation.
This year we conducted
44 trainings from 292 participants.

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The efforts described on this page are supported by grants to COPE 501(c)3 and grants to our partner organizations, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Partners In Health.