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COPE Food Access Map

Welcome to the COPE Food Access Map!

The map shows sites for both the redemption and clinical sites for the Navajo Fruit & Vegetable Prescription Program (FVRx). In addition, the map indicates stores participating in the Healthy Navajo Stores Initiative Program.


FVRx redemption sites are places where FVRx participants can go to redeem their vouchers for fruits and vegetables at various grocery stores, trading posts, and convenience stores. These retailers are encouraged to offer more produce as well as Diné Traditional Foods and locally grown food. By doing so, COPE implemented the Healthy Navajo Stores Initiative (HNSI). COPE strives to help communities on Navajo Nation to have access to healthier foods by partnering with local retailers and on-boarding them to the HNSI program. HNSI participants receive technical, educational, and promotional resources from COPE to make positive in-store changes.


Click top left corner of map for map key

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