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About Us

COPE has an ongoing partnership with the Navajo Nation which we strongly believe is the foundation for all of our work. Building on that foundation, we continually work to collaborate with
other native communities as well.

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Who We Are


We believe that the power to overturn
long-standing, historical health inequalities lies inherently in Native communities themselves.
By investing in existing community resources and aligning our work with the vision of tribal leadership, we hope to help catalyze this transformation within our lifetime.


Our vision is to eliminate health disparities and improve the wellbeing of American Indians and Alaska Natives. We believe that the power to overturn long-standing, historical health inequalities lies inherently in Native communities themselves. COPE strives to promote healthy, prosperous, and empowered Native communities through three collaborative approaches: Robust, community-based outreach; Local capacity building and system-level partnerships; and Increasing access to healthy foods.


We are a Native-controlled non-profit organization working to promote healthy, prosperous and empowered American Indian/Alaska Native communities. We are patient-focused and community-based. Our approach to health care is as important as the community transformations we seek. We add value to health care delivery systems in Indian Country by listening, breaking down silos, and fostering multi-sectoral partnerships. We work at the invitation of tribal leadership – as conveners, strategists and technical assistance providers. 

We partner with health care teams and community advocates to develop programs that address structural barriers to good health, respond to the burden of disease and bridge gaps in the health care system identified by providers, patients and families. 

We believe that the power to overturn long-standing, historical health inequalities lies inherently in Native communities themselves. By investing in existing community resources and aligning our work with the vision of tribal leadership, we hope to catalyze health care reforms that will achieve health equity for Native communities within our lifetime. 


COPE began in 2009 as a research initiative of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and grew into the COPE Program 501c3 in 2014 after obtaining non-profit status and incorporating with the State of New Mexico. The COPE Program represents a collaboration among the Brigham & Women’s Hospital (BWH), Navajo Community Health Representative (CHR) Outreach Program, Navajo Area Indian Health Service (IHS) and 638 Facilities, and Partners In Health (PIH). COPE established a Board of Directors with the goal of having a Native-controlled Board consisting of at least 51 percent of enrolled members of federally recognized tribes.



Along with the continual change and progress of our organization, we've remained true to our values. We continue to learn from our community partners each and every day. Our logo reflects the significance of Navajo culture and teachings to COPE's past, present and future.

COPE Logo 10.9.18 Transparent Background

The colors of the circular border emulate the primary colors of Partners in Health and support COPE's collaboration with that organization

Sacred Mountains represent a safe haven for the 

Diné people. The higher power of these sacred

mountains provide protection, food, medicine, and healing powers.

The female hogan represents the mother who is responsible for providing the teaching to her family and the community. This is where COPE started with the Navajo Nation: in the community. This is where the work began.

Corn is sacred to the Diné people. Corn links us to our spirituality, provides the food for our families and communities and is used for traditional healing.



We've reflected on our core principles and reaffirmed our commitment to them. These principles guide our work and keep us true to our mission:


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