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Research & Evaluation

Our Strategy

"The power to overturn long-standing, historical health inequalities lies inherently in Native communities themselves"


Community members guide us in all stages of research and evaluation, from planning to evaluation to dissemination

Core Values In Our Research and Evaluation Team

Our Key Findings

Strengthening CHR Program and Health Systems

What We Evaluated:

Integrating CHRs with provider team and providing structured health outreach to individuals living with diabetes

What We Found:

Significant improvements in blood sugar and cholesterol levels

Greater utilization of primary care, behavioral health, and pharmacy services

Stronger patient

Deeper collaboration and work satisfaction among clinic providers and CHRs


Food Systems Strengthening

What We Evaluated:

We evaluated the impact of the Navajo Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program on health outcomes, and the impact of the Healthy Navajo Store Initiative (HNSI) on access to healthy food and purchasing behavior

What We Found:

More children had healthy body mass index after completing in the FVRx Program

Both women and children reported increased fruit and vegetable consumption due to FVRx

Stores that took part in the HNSI had more fruit and vegetable promotion and local shoppers bought more fruits and vegetables at HNSI stores


Healthy Stores Initiative Associated with Produce Purchasing on Navajo Nation

published 11/7/2019

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