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Community Outreach and Patient Empowerment Program

Community Outreach and Patient Empowerment (COPE) is a partnership with the Navajo Nation Community Health Representative Outreach Program to improve the lives of those living with chronic diseases in Navajo.


We appreciate your generosity.

We believe that our strong partnership with the Navajo Nation is the foundation for all of our work. Building on that foundation, we continually collaborate with other native communities.

We partner with health care teams and community advocates to develop programs that address structural barriers to good health, respond to the burden of disease and bridge gaps in the health care system identified by providers, patients and families

Now in our eighth year, we feel well positioned to deepen our partnerships and develop more comprehensive community-solutions to health care needs in the Navajo Nation. We've spent time building the type of organization that can attract and retain dedicated, talented staff.


“Our plan is ambitious: to build on existing strengths and deliberately expand to offer the greatest potential benefit to the Navajo Nation-and ultimately, other Indigenous communities as well.”


The efforts described on this page are supported by grants to COPE 501(c)3 and grants to our partner organizations, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Partners in Health.

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