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Navajo Community Health Outreach (NCHO)

Youth Leadership Program

Mission Statement
Niha’alchini bidziilgo nitsidaakees doo (Our Children will think strongly) about food literacy, and physical exercise to achieve emotional and spiritual healthy well-being. By living fit lives, they will lead their families, schools, and communities to healthier lifestyles.

Vision Statement

The Navajo Community Health Outreach (NCHO) Youth Leadership Program offers an environment, a curriculum, and support network that enables young people to make healthy life choices that become daily practices and lifelong habits. They will be empowered to become agents of positive social change, creating a stronger and healthier Navajo Nation by conducting health education and promoting policy awareness for system-level change.​​

"In NCHO, I have learned a lot of different aspects of Native American health through youth gatherings and conferences I have attended. I have enjoyed my time in NCHO where I communicated with numerous other students from across the reservation. Not only has NCHO made me think healthier, it has made our nation healthier one step at a time. What we do here at NCHO is important to ourselves, our communities, and our Navajo Nation. I urge you to learn from us and apply what you learn in your life."

– Jaden Redhair, NCHO Youth Leader

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Core Values

We know the most abundant and most under used resource is our youth. We believe that youth leaders are our future. We believe that with proper education and mentorship, the youth can become agents of positive social change. Therefore, Ni’ha’alchini (our children) will:

  • Think, speak and act for themselves in meaningful and responsible ways.

  • Possess integrity, exercise self-discipline, and have strong work ethics.

  • Make healthy decisions, including turning failures into opportunities and overcoming obstacles.

NCHO Events and Activities

Our programming is designed to meet these objectives through three areas of focus:

  • LEARN: Through a series of workshops and assignments, the NCHO Curriculum is designed to teach NCHO youth leaders in food literacy and communications skills, including the use of technology, social media, writing skills, as well as advocacy and fundraising skills.

  • SHARE: As part of the REACH Coalition, NCHO Youth Leaders will contribute to Communications Deliverables to raise awareness of relevant food and health issues on the Navajo Nation.

  • DO: NCHO Youth leaders will participate in NCHO Service Projects, engaging with local communities and schools identified by the Youth Leaders themselves and responding to the local needs of their communities.


Where we work

There are currently 30 NCHO Youth Leaders from 6 different high schools participating in the program. High schools include the following:

  • Tse’Yi’Gai High School

  • Window Rock High School

  • Crownpoint High School

  • Tohatchi High School

  • Wingate High School

  • Tuba City High School

The efforts described on this page are supported by grants to COPE 501(c)3 and grants to our partner organizations, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Partners in Health.

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