Getting our children to think strongly about holistic learning to achieve healthy physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Through peer-support and guidance, they will lead their families, schools, and communities to live healthier lifestyles.

The COPE Indigenous Youth Leadership Program offers an environment and support network that fosters young people to become health care leaders of tomorrow. We inspire youth to become agents of positive social change. Creating a stronger and healthier Indigenous Nation by conducting health education and promoting awareness in areas of need for community wellness.


Our youth program is formerly known as Navajo Community Healthy Outreach (NCHO) Youth Leadership program. We have recently changed our name to better serve all Indigenous Communities in Gallup and surrounding areas. Our program is designed to inspire Indigenous youth to become health advocates in their communities. We offer support in the need to promote a healthy holistic lifestyle to achieve physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being


We understand the most abundant and underused resource revolves around our youth. We know our youth leaders are the future. We believe that with proper education and mentorship, youth can become agents of positive social change.


Therefore, our children will:

Think, speak and act for themselves in meaningful and
responsible ways.

Possess integrity, exercise self discipline, and have strong work

Make healthy decisions, including turning failures into opportunities
and overcoming obstacles.

It was COPE and their partners who trained me as a young professional at the age of 16 and who have given me many opportunities to travel the world."

Kyle White, Indigenous Youth Leader

The efforts described on this page are supported by grants to COPE 501(c)3 and grants to our partner organizations, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Partners in Health.